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Roll Up Classic with print

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Roll Up Classic 100x200 cm with carry bag and print

Roll Up Classic is a portable interior banner stand, allowing easy displaying of an advertising message or slogan. It is ideal decision for exhibitions, promotions, short te campaigns, long term at the point of sales etc.

Roll Up Classic is an universal advertising display, equipped with a roller inside the base for displaying the print in a few seconds. It allows safe keeping, easy carring and fast displaying of the advertising banner.

Roll Up Classic is very suitable for presentations, exhibitions, business meetings, at the point of sales etc- everywhere where a quick showing of advertising message is needed.

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Roll Classic is single sided, with print size 100x200cm 

Roll Up Classic has a very stable and strong construction, suitable for busy places.

The print is attached to the roller with a quality double stick tape 3M, and a clipping profile at the top.

The advertising banner rolls up and down thanks to the roller inside the base and can be displayed in a few seconds. The advertising banner is fixed to the roller with a quality adhesive tape 3M. The print and all details are safely kept in the base. The artwork is not included in the price.

Roll Up is delivered with a canvas carry bag and  print of the graphic on PVC banner, PP Satin film.

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