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Home Tension frames Illuminated Textile Wall LED, double sided 1200x2100 cm

Illuminated Textile Wall LED, double sided 1200x2100 cm

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Double sided illuminated textile wall, size 1200x2100 cm.

The wall has a modern frameless vision and fits perfectly into the interiors of restaurants, bars, retail outlets and more. It can be used as a double sided advertising wall, as a partition wall in offices, bars, furniture stores, showrooms and more.

The textile wall has energy-saving LED illumination. Two backlit textile prints are included with installed sillicone tape.

The illuminated textile box is made from alluminum profiles. The box debth is 160 mm.

Additonal stability is provided from two supporting legs, which allow mobillity and easy movement.

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The illuminated Power LED frame is specially designed to use as a stand alone luminous wall.

The  Power LED frame is 160 mm deep and has double sided visibility.

It is made from high quality alluminum profiles and offers excellent illumination of the advertising area, with powerfull professional LED modules, with guaranteed 50 000 hours of work.

The frameless design of the textile ensures 100% visibility of the advertising image, printed on high quality backlit textile fabric.

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