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Home Tension frames Illuminated textile LED Flat Frame, 500х700 mm

Illuminated textile LED Flat Frame, 500х700 mm

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Illuminated textile LED Flat Frame, 500х700 mm

The aluminum frame is single sided, 45 mm of depth, suitable for wall montage.

The Flat Frame is an unique frame for tensioning of textile graphics.

It offers easy installation, no special instruments are needed.

Especially suited for commercial stands over stands in retail outlets, in extensive spaces such as showrooms, lobbies, exhibition halls, and more.

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Even and bright lighting.

The Flat Frame Aluminum Frame is an ideal solution for large wall panels, and the entire construction can be embedded in the wall or ceiling.

Perfect for walls or columns and making them an effective advertising space.

Application: The elegant flat frame appearance makes it an appropriate interior ad unit in malls, shops, showrooms, front offices, movie theaters and many more.


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