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Home Window displays LED illuminated window displays Illuminated LED display for showcase (A3) for 3xA4

Illuminated LED display for showcase (A3) for 3xA4

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Illuminated LED window display for estate agents. Suitable for offers 3 x A4.

Appealing Illuminated window LED display comes with 3 LED illuminated panels, suitable for  A4 backlight posters, stacked in one column, fixed on steel cables, for floor-ceiling installation beside shop windows.

Single or double sided. The LED window display has a clean design and excellent functionality, providing 100% visibility to your offers, during the day and night.

Ideal for real estate agencies, travel agencies, apart hotels and other businesses offering numerous offers to their clients. Posters (A4 format) are quickly and easily replaced using the magnetic front panel of the illuminated frames. It is recommended to use a backlight poster rather than a printing paper.


  • Single or double sided
  • Steel cables
  • Floor-ceiling installation
  • 100% visibility - day and night
  • Energy-efficient
  • Easy replacement of the poster
  • Poster size:
    A4 210x297 mm

Delivery 7-10 working days

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The display is equipped with 3 super-thin LED Crystal Frames (only 6mm thick), elegant and energy-efficient.

Easy replacement of the poster thanks to an opening magnetic front panel. The illuminated LED frames are made from a special, extremely bright LGP (light guide panel) illuminated with high quality LED sources.

LGP is an innovative, high-tech acrylic panel with a factory-made pattern of paths or light points, specific to each individual size and shape for even and bright illumination.

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Идеален за витрина, а офертите се сменят лесно.


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