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Walldisplay with Brochureholders 16 x Trifold

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Wall display with 16 Brochure holders for  Trifold leaflets made from high quality clear polystyrol, scratchproof.

The holders have inside dimensions 105x210x23 mm and are suitable for Trifold brochures. With full height support for leaflets your marketing material are always clearly visible and accessible. The Wall display can be always customised to suit your business requirements.

Different formats can be easily combined into a single wall display. Brochure wall display is much more than a storage device for your pamphlets and booklets. Our brochure wall display range effectively display and expose you marketing materials, while only using minimal space.

Easily assembled, dismantled and stored when not in use, our brochure wall display range also provides convenience as well as marketing enhancement.

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The installation is simple and in a few steps done:

1.    Screw the aluminium bar to the wall with the dowel screws.

2.    Hang the first row of brochure holders to the aluminium bar.

3.    Each next row of brochure holders hang easily to the previous one.

4.    If your wall display has 4+ rows, please use the universal bracket at 3-rd row to distance the display from the wall.


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